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Tampa and St Petersburg have gained notoriety among anglers as one of the hottest light tackle fishing spots in the US. The bay has a variety of unique ecosystems that range from deep blue water to shallow flats, making this area one of the most diverse and versatile fishing locations in the US.

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Me? Well I'm Will Shook... I grew up here, and I have a passion for fishing. If anyone was ever looking for me the first place they'd check was to see if my boat was gone, so I guess it came as no surprise to my friends that I decided to become a fishing guide. Tampa, St Petersburg Fishing Charter BoatAnd now I'd like to share my enthusiasm, and the excitement of stalking and catching fish with you.

We'll be fishing on my custom built Aeon 23' bay boat. It's designed to run safe, smooth, and comfortable, getting us quickly to my favorite spots.

Our year-round fishing encompasses every one of the major species of inshore game fish that are sought out by tropical anglers. For starters there's the Tarpon, often running in excess of 100 pounds... Their fury and power is unmatched by any inshore species. We also have Snook... Sleek, crafty, and fast... And always up for a brawl. And of course Redfish... So tough and challenging there is actually a fishing tour dedicated to them. We also have many other saltwater species of fish, and you can bet there isn't a single one of them that will give up easy.

March 23, 2015

Tampa Bay Fishing Spring Report

Spring is here and the bite has really started to heat up. With temperatures a little above normal in Tampa Bay, things have started to happen fast. All kinds of bait have showed up in Tampa Bay and following it are all the pelagic species. Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, blue fish and bonita shouldn’t be far behind. As far as inshore species, snook continue to show up in good numbers after the freeze of 2010. The redfish fishery continues to be healthy, and trout are keeping rods bent.

As temperatures stay warm, the small bait will continue to make its way into Tampa Bay and the pelagic fish will follow. Spanish mackerel and king mackerel have starting making their way into Tampa Bay. Fishing these guys on light tackle, make for a fun and action packed day. Bonita and Jack Crevalle will also follow the bait into Tampa Bay. Make sure your gear is in good working condition. These guys will sure put it to the test.

Tampa Bay Snook with Capt Will Shook

Snook have continued to make a nice come back from the “Freeze of 2010”. We are not seeing the numbers we have “pre-freeze”, but are seeing good numbers and I believe they are making a nice comeback. Although snook season is open, and will stay open until May 1, I have elected to catch and release them only. We are still having a great time catching and releasing this beautiful species. Look for the bite to be consistent all spring.

Redfish bite has been hot from the start of spring and should continue to stay hot. Fishing the flats of Tampa Bay with live and cut bait has produced some nice redfish. Fish are ranging from 4lbs up to 15lbs, catching these big guys in a couple feet of water, is an experience everyone should enjoy.

Spring is a great time to fish with an array of species to catch. If you want to book a Tampa Bay fishing charter with Tampa Bay fishing guide, Captain Will Shook, call now! 813.732.5971 or visit my site.

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